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I am a French, Portland-based fiber artist, agent and design consultant. After earning a master's degree from Ensci –design institute in Paris– I moved to New York where I had the wonderful opportunity to build my career at Lori Weitzner Design.

I've helped architects, designers and collectors source jaw-dropping and rare textiles from undiscovered global artisans to help create experiences and settings that leave people in a state of awe.

Put another way…

I’m the Indiana Jones of Beautiful Things (with a French accent, oui?)

I’ve spent years traveling the planet, on a quest to find the hidden creators and artisans behind so many of the world’s most striking, yet undiscovered textiles. This exposed me to ancient cultures and traditions, the moving stories behind these soulful creators and also the impact of textile creation on both the global economy and the health of the planet. 

This has inspired me to go back to my first love: hands on weaving. 

Drop me a line if you like my work. I'd love to hear from you!

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